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Contact Information

For Media comment contact:

Project Sponsor
Garry Poole
Quality of Life Project Sponsor/ Chief Executive
Wellington City Council
Phone: (04) 801 3462

For Technical Information:

Kath Jamieson
Quality of Life Research Team Project Coordinator
Christchurch City Council
Phone: 021 238 4111

Auckland Council

Alison Reid
Social Researcher
Private Bag 92300, Auckland 1142
Phone: (09) 484 6247


Hamilton City Council

Pippa Berry-Cope
Policy Analyst
Postal Address: Private Bag 3010, Hamilton
Phone: (07) 958 5884


Porirua City Council

Anne Kelly
Senior Policy Analyst, Social and Economic
Postal Address: PO Box 50218, Porirua City 5240
Phone: (04) 237 1522


Hutt City Council

Wendy Moore
Divisional Manager, Strategic Development
Postal Address: Private Bag 31912, Lower Hutt
Phone: (04) 570 6958


Wellington City Council

Gavin Armstrong
Senior Advisor – Research
Planning, Performance & Research
Phone: (04) 801 3157
Fax: (04) 801 3681


Christchurch City Council

Kath Jamieson
Principal Researcher
Postal Address: PO Box 73012, Christchurch 8154
Phone: (03) 941 8885


Dunedin City Council

Hamish Orbell
Policy Analyst - Economic
Postal Address: P O Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058 
Phone:  03 474 3759